Yamaha Power Products LUB-10W30-GG-12 RV Trailer Camper Appliances 10W 30 Oil

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Specially formulated mineral base oil and additive system for the rigors of a constant load and frequent start-ups as found with the normal operation of a Generator.


  • Oil; Yamalube (R); SEA 10W-30; Synthetic Blend; 1 Quart Bottle; Single
  • Specifically For Use In The Harsh Marine Environment
  • Lubrication, Corrosion Protection, And Resistance To Potentially Harmful Effects Of Oil Dilution Caused By Fuel, Provides Critical Assurance That Your Outboard’s Oil Meets The Minimum
  • Yamalube 4M Meets Or Exceeds The Industry Standards For Lubricity And Corrosion Protection

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