WORX WG644.9 40V Power Share Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner (2x20V) - Bare Tool Only,Black and Orange

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This Hydroshot is the most powerful cordless model we make. It uses two 20V batteries instead of one. It?s 7x more powerful than a garden hose and nozzle instead of the 5x our base models dole out - that?s 450 psi of pressure compared to 320 psi. You?re getting a great deal because you?re not paying for batteries. This model is for those of you who are already using the PowerShare platform and have a few batteries lying around that you can use to fuel it. It doesn?t come with batteries and a charger, but hey, some of you don?t need ?em. Let?s talk more about that power. It?s excellent at getting dirt out of machinery, like your motorcycle, and makes quick work of windows and brickwork. It?ll clean the deck and driveway faster and easier than ever before. The RV doesn?t stand a chance of staying dirty when you?re blasting it with 40V of power. And the on-board battery-level indicator lets you know when it?s time to recharge. The 40V Hydroshot only weighs 7.3 lbs with both batteries attached. That means almost anyone can use and operate it. Traditional pressure washers are enormous, with bulky hoses and stand-alone tanks. Plus, they?ll often damage paint jobs. That?s way more power than you need for everyday cleaning. This tool is the perfect mix of power and portability and will be the next great tool in your Worx collection.


  • [PORTABLE POWER WASHER] The first truly portable power cleaner that lets you easily and quickly clean all your outdoor spaces and gear
  • [2x20V=40V] This Hydroshot uses two 20V PowerShare batteries together for even more cleaning power than the other models (batteries and charger not included)
  • [SHARE BATTERIES, SAVE MONEY] Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products
  • [7X MORE PRESSURE THAN A HOSE] Delivers 450 psi of mean, green, cleaning streams; While minimizing water usage at only .90 gallons per minute
  • [DRAW WATER FROM ANYWHERE] Attaches to a typical garden hose or draws water from any fresh water source like a pool, lake, or bucket
  • [2-SPEEDS] Go HI or LO: HI for when your vehicle or deck is really dirty—LO for lighter cleaning to conserve water and battery
  • [PRESSURE NOZZLE] Multiple spray nozzle lets you switch between varying degrees of water stream intensity, so you can switch from cleaning to watering

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