WORX WG547 20V (2.0Ah) Power Share Cordless Turbine Blower, 2-Speed, Battery and Charger Included, Black/Orange

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With the cordless 360 cfm 20V TURBINE Blower, you?re free to roam all over the yard. No cord to get caught on, no fumes to stink up the whole neighborhood. Plus, it?s less expensive and quieter to operate than gas-powered blowers. Yet, thanks to TURBINE tech, it still doles out 360 Cubic Feet per Minute at 75 mph. And it only weighs 4.4 lbs so pretty much anyone can operate it with just one hand. Have the youngest clear off the deck before dinner. Ask the oldest to blow out the driveway. And you?ll have to call Grandpa back in before dark because he?s going to be having so much fun cleaning up the lawn. The 2-speed control lets you slow it down when blowing out tight corners (270 cfm @55 mph) and then turn it back up for the lawn and the driveway. You don?t need any tools to assemble it. It?s easy to clean and easy to store. The 3-year warranty lets you know we stand behind our products. And the 20V 2.0Ah Power Share battery and 0.4A charger that comes with this blower can be used to run any Worx Power Share tool on the platform. It?s the cost-effective way to grow your tool collection because you don?t have to buy a new battery each and every time you buy a new tool.


  • TURBINE FAN TECH: Worx engineers figured out how to get a jet engine-type motor inside of a leaf blower. Super powerful, yet not so loud that you’ll think it’s getting ready for takeoff
  • 2 SPEEDS FOR DIFFERENT JOBS: Go slow for pavement or tight corners. Switch to speed 2 on the open lawn and see what 75 mph of Turbine blowing power can do
  • DO IT ALL WITH THE SAME BATTERY: Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products
  • A WIDE, STRONG STREAM OF AIR: 360 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) come streaming out of this wide-mouth tube. That’s high-capacity air volume, so you clear your property in fewer passes and with less leg work
  • ONE-HANDED OPERATION: With all that power, the Turbine is designed to be controlled with just one hand. It’s only 4.4 lbs., and the ergonomic design funnels the wind in a way that’s easy to handle
  • GREEN AND MEAN: No gas and no cord plugged into the wall. Rechargeable, battery-powered tools are friendlier on the environment, more cost-effective, and more convenient. And they don’t skimp on power
  • COMFORTABLE CONTROL GRIP: The rubber overmold handle absorbs vibration and reduces hand fatigue, so you can get more done with less strain
  • INCLUDES: 20V 360 CFM Blower, 20V 2.0ah Battery, 20V Battery Charger

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