Toro The Company 51668 Universal Gutter Cleaner, Black

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Use the safe, ladder-free way to keep gutters clean. The Toro Universal Gutter Cleaning Kiteasily attaches to most battery, electric, and gas handheld leaf blowers to reach gutters on one-story homes or uneven landscapes. Easy-to-maneuver design and powerful airflow help ensureremoval of packed debris, wet leaves, pine needles, and more to effectively clean hard-to-reach areas.


  • Get maximum maneuverability with the flexible tubing that won’t kink or block airflow as you clean. 3 universal connection collars that attach to most brands of leaf blowers
  • Unlike the competition, the flexible tubing won’t kink and block airflow as you clean
  • 4 extension tubes let you adjust length for a total reach of up to 11 ft.
  • Reduce fatigue and boost control with a shoulder strap that frees hands to adjust speed
  • Connectable, wide-diameter tubes blow out leaves and debris with powerful airflow
  • Gutter nozzle focuses and directs air forward
  • Ratchet strap tightly secures connection collar to blower’s end
  • Great for one-story homes, wooded lots, and/or tricky gutter access

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