Toro Genuine OEM 138-0699 Maintenance Kit for 21" Power Clear 621 721 SnowMaster

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Toro Premium Lubricants are specifically-engineered for use in Toro outdoor power equipment and utility vehicle engines. Toro?s engine oils are formulated, tested and approved by Toro engineering to provide optimal protection and engine life. All of Toro?s engine oil formulations contain zinc to help protect against premature wear. Toro Premium Lubricants are tested and prevent to perform in all engine platforms offered in Toro equipment and meet or exceed OEM requirements. Toro Premium Lubricants are the best choice for use in all Toro equipment. Toro Premium Fuel Treatment is engineered to protect fuel systems from the harmful effects of today?s ethanol-blended fuels. Keeps fuel fresh for than a year, controls moisture, prevents corrosion and maintains like-new run quality. Use Toro Premium Fuel Treatment in all gasoline-powered Toro equipment at every fill. Treat Rate: .5 fl oz per 1gallon of gasoline 2 fl oz per 1gallon for maximum fuel system clean-up

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