PENTAIR WATER FPCC5030 Battery Back Up System

PENTAIR WATER FPCC5030 Battery Back Up System

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Emergency battery back up pre-assembled sump pump system, virtual water assistant remove monitoring, constantly monitors system conditions, & alerts you by cellphone or computer when your basement is in danger of flooding, at home, at work, or across the globe- you are protected & informed, proprietary smart charging technology, recharges battery 25% faster & extends battery life, high performance pump removes up to 83% more gallons per charge than the leading competitor 1 2Hpprimary pump, removes 4200 gallons per hour.0'= 4200, 5'= 3660, 10'=3000, 15'=2160, 20' 960 Max lift- 22', 3/16 inch solids handling, backup pump- 0'=2700, 5'=2040, 10'=1260, 14'=360.


  • Manufactured in china
  • Easy to use
  • Highly durable

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