Oregon 92-616 G3 Gator Blades (Set of 3)

92-616 x 3
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Oregon G3 Gator Blades (Set of 3)


  • Set of 3 Gator Blades for John Deere
  • Replaces: AM137757, AM137758, AM141035, AM141036, GX21784, GX21785, GX21786, GY20852
  • 17-1/16" Long, 2.5" Wide, .187" Thick, Mounting hole is a 7 point star hole
  • The Gator MulcherTM blades unique design has revolutionized the way blades mulch grass clippings. The angle of the Gator teeth redirects the air flow to keep the clipping directly in front of the cutting edge. The longer the clippings remain in front of the cutting edge, the finer the size of the clipping. The result - Less Bagging! Less Raking! Quicker Decomposition. Also From the Manufacturer: The Benefits of Using the Gator MulcherTM Blade 1. No bagging! 2. Save time by eliminating the need to bag! 3. Save money by not paying for recycling! 4. Save the environment by not using the landfill for grass clipping! 5. Save even more time! Mulch and mow at the same speed as mowing! 6. Grass clipping are cut smaller. Clippings fall though the grass and add nutrients to the lawn! 7. Gator MulcherTM blades last longer in sandy soil conditions! 8. Leaves are reduced to a fine mulch - virtually eliminating the need to bag!
  • Hardened steel for extended blade life. All Oregon blades are austemper heat treated

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