Oregon 598-672 Gator G5 Blade, 18-1/2"

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Move through work quickly with the Oregon Gator G5 598-672, a blade that sets the industry standard. The Gator G5 stands up to any workload with an improved cutting performance, which stays sharper and stronger longer than the standard manufacturer blade. It?s not a replacement blade. It?s an upgrade. Replaces many OEM parts, including but not limited to the following: Cub Cadet - 742-0677, Cub Cadet - 742-0677A, Cub Cadet - 742-0677B, Cub Cadet - 942-0677B, Cub Cadet - OEM-742-0677, MTD - 742-0677A, MTD - 942-0677, MTD - 942-0677-S, MTD - 942-0677B, MTD - OEM-742-0677, MTD - 942-04338-0684, MTD - 742-0677, MTD - 942-0677A, MTD - 490-110-M117, Cub Cadet - OCC-742-0677, MTD - 742-0677B. Fits many models, including but not limited to the following: Cub Cadet - LT1000, Cub Cadet - SLT1500, Cub Cadet - GT1500.


  • Center hole: 6 point start, 5/8"
  • Tungsten carbide is “fused” into the blade – creating an ultra-hard layer at the cutting edge and increasing the time between sharpening
  • Greater width and thickness extends blade life and allows for longer lifting arch to improve bagging and mulching
  • The aggressive blade angle increases air flow to push debris up-and-out for superior bagging or side discharge. Gator Mulcher provides cleaner, more efficient cutting performance can eliminate the need to bag, saving time and hassle
  • Replacement for major brand: MTD. X-Tended Cutting Length optimizes the cutting efficiency with each revolution

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