Opti-mizer MAX 60612 6-Pack 1.4 fl Oz Ethanol Fuel Treatment with Stabilizer

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Exclusively made in the USA and specially designed to eliminate most ethanol problems by lubricating, cleaning, and clearing fuel systems of water, resins, gums, and carbon deposits. The Opti-mizer MAX 60612 6-Pack 1.4 Oz Ethanol Fuel Treatment Stabilizer includes (6) five-gallon mix pouches and features 4 layers of protection for the user. The Opti-Mizer MAX keeps fuel fresh, raises the phase separation threshold the made in the USA Opti-Mizer MAX ethanol fuel treatment and stabilizer eliminates most ethanol problems.


  • Comes with (6) five gallon mix pouches
  • Used to treat and stabilize ethanol fuel
  • Top end lubricant that preserves fuel.
  • 1.4 oz
  • Made in the USA

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