Milwaukee 49-56-0505 1/4" Hex Shank Diamond Abrasive One-Piece Hole Saw Power Drill Bit

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Use one of the hardest existing materials available for consumer purchase to cut through hard surfaces. Use diamond. With Milwaukee, you can cut and grind your way through tile, glass, sheet rock, and more with the help of this diamond one piece hole saw, the 49-56-0505. It comes equipped with diamond fragments in the tip that braze against abrasive surfaces. You can work with a variety of surfaces without fear of plugs getting in the way of your work. With a 1/4" hex shank, you?ll be able to work with several different drill drivers and hammer drills to suit the exact material you?re working with. There are few other bits on the market that compare to the superior diamond quality provided by Milwaukee. Whether you?re working on an industrial jobsite or residential renovation project, you?ll find plenty of utility in diamond hole saw bit.


  • APPLICATION: Use this to drill holes through hard materials like tile, stone, or glass
  • EJECTION SLOT: Easy plug removal is available via the onboard ejection slot, which lets you fit tools inside to take out chunks of tile clogging up your system
  • DIAMOND PLUS: High grade diamonds provide superior durability for long term use on industrial jobsites
  • COOLING: Run cold water on your job while drilling through with this bit to keep it cool to prevent potential warping
  • HEX SHANK: This will fit in drill / drivers or hammer drills with a 1/4" chuck, offering you the chance to work with a variety of tools on a variety of surfaces

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