Milwaukee 48-22-6107 Rust Resistant 7 Inch Diagonal Wire Cutting Pliers with 1 Inch Reaming Head

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If you?re a professional electrician, you want to work with tools you can trust. With the Milwaukee 48-22-6107, you?ll have a reliable and versatile piece of equipment that will fit in with whichever set of tools you?ll be bringing to the jobsite. It has unmatched power in its primary utility: cutting. Its sharp blades are rust-resistant, allowing you to bring this to a variety of environments. The tip of the blade is also as sharp as the base. If you?re dealing with heavy gauge wires, it will shear through it without a problem. Once you?re finished cutting your wires down to size and you need to pull it through conduit, you won?t need to put this tool down. An onboard fish tape puller will give you a firm grip to yank it through conduit or piping. Speaking of piping, you?ll be able to keep many of them up to code with this. The iron carbide head is designed to be able to ream out pipes up to one inch in diameter, clearing them for wires or water. With an ergonomic, rubberized handle to boot, you?ll find this powerful, compact hand tool a valuable addition to whichever kit you may need on the job.


  • REAMING HEAD: clean out piping that’s up to one inch in diameter with the specially designed head. You can keep this set of pliers on hand for both plumbing and electrical jobs
  • FLUSH CUTTING BLADES: No space is wasted with Milwaukee. The cutting edges are sharp from the base to the tip so you can tackle the thickest gauge wire possible
  • FISH TAPE PULLER: You can work beyond just cutting wires. There is an opening where the plier blades meet that lets you string fish tape, giving you a firm grip to route wires through walls or conduit
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED GRIP is made of a reinforced rubberized element designed not to peel. Bring this to the toughest jobsite and it will continually work at peak performance with maximum comfort to you
  • REINFORCED MATERIALS: The iron carbide cutting edge has a rust-resistant coating that will let you work in a variety of harsh environments

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