Milwaukee 48-22-2202 3-Piece 1000V Insulated Screwdriver Set

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As an electrician, you at risk of bodily injury on the jobsite. Someone may accidentally turn on a circuit breaker while you?re working, or you may make a mistake. Minimize your risks while you work with Milwaukee. This set of three insulated screwdrivers will complement your current tool kit, combining the Milwaukee?s power and convenience with OSHA?s standards for electrical safety. They boast two layers of insulation. Each layer is a different, highly contrasting color. This way, if they sustain damage, you?ll be able to tell right away and get a replacement. Their sustaining damage is unlikely, however. They have holes in the handle for a lanyard loop, so you can keep them safe, even outside of the tool belt. This set also features three screwdrivers, two with compact 4-inch shafts and one with a 6-inch shaft for improved reach. They have clear identification markings on the front. When you?re looking down at your tool belt, you need only read the pommel to find what you?re looking for. With a slot, Phillips, and ECX head included in this 48-22-2202 kit, you?ll have what you need to accomplish a variety of electrical jobs with confidence


  • LABELED HANDLES will give you easy access to your tools without taking time to inspect them before you work
  • DUAL INSULATION WITH TWO COLORS: The top layer of insulation is red, while the bottom layer is yellow. This will let you know if your screwdriver has sustained damage and help you reduce risk
  • LANYARD HOLES: Thread a string or rope through the handles. Keep them hung on a wall, suspended in air, or in your tool kit
  • SCREWDRIVERS INCLUDE: 2 x 4 Inch Shafts (1 x ECX 1, 1 x Phillips 2), 1 x 6 Inch Shaft (Slotted Tip)

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