Milwaukee 48-22-1933 5-Pack of Deburred Micro Carbide Drywall Utility Knife Blades for Folding Lockback and Sliding Knives

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If you?re working with Milwaukee knives, you should work with Milwaukee blades. Consider this 5 pack of blades, the 48-22-1933, the essential accessory for your sliding or folding Milwaukee utility knives. These are straight, sharp blades with features packed in to maximize utility. They?re expertly grinded down and deburred coming out of the factory, meaning that you?ll be able to make cleaner cuts through various materials without snagging. They?re ground at an angle, too, providing you with a sharper tip for maximum precision. The material making up the blades is stronger than traditional carbon blades. The micro-carbide forging lets them hold up better to industrial wear-and-tear than the competition. Being double ended blades, you?ll be able to draw the most power from them as possible. Simply pull it out of your knife, reverse the blade, push it back in, and you?ll have twice the working time compared to standard box cutting blades. No matter the industry, you need a utility knife. If you?re working with the best Milwaukee knives, you should have the blade to match. These blades, found in the 48-22-1933, are what you?ve been looking for.


  • REVERSIBLE: Once one edge goes dull, you can pull the blade out and reverse it for twice the cutting time
  • CLEAN CUTS: These blades leave the factory after a precision grinding process that removes the burrs from their metal. This makes for cleaner cuts with minimal snagging on your cutting surface
  • OPTIMIZED GRIND ANGLES make for a sharper blade with improved precision when compared to traditional flat box cutter blades
  • DISPERSED MICRO CARBIDE METAL lasts longer than traditional carbon box-cutter blades

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