Makita E-02521 12" Diamond Blade, Segmented, General Purpose

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Makita Diamond Blades are designed to be used with power cut saws for making cuts in a variety of concrete and masonry materials. The high quality steel core is expertly tensioned for true cuts and added durability. Each blade features the highest quality diamonds, and the segments are laser welded for added durability and improved cutting efficiency. The E-02521 is a general purpose blade and is ideal for cutting cured concrete, block, and brick.


  • Taller 12mm segments are designed for longer life and faster cutting
  • General purpose blade for use cutting cured concrete, block and brick
  • Laser welded to ensure the strongest joint possible
  • Segment slots help deliver a faster, cooler cut in multiple applications
  • Specially designed to handle the extreme power of gas power cutters in the most demanding of applications

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