Makita 723076-A-3 9" Demolition Recipro Saw Blade, 8/10TPI, 3/pk

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Product DescriptionMakita Demolisher reciprocating saw blades are engineered for the most demanding of demolition applications. The fully reinforced teeth and cobalt content minimize teeth breakage and increases durability. Added blade thickness increases its resistance to bending.From the ManufacturerMakita 723076-A-3 9-Inch 8/10-TPI Demolition Reciprocating Saw Blade


  • Cobalt content set to maximize blade durability and wear in high impact demolition applications
  • Additional 7/8 in. width increases blade life
  • First tooth consistently centered on each blade for straight plunge cuts
  • Fully reinforced teeth minimizes teeth breakage
  • .062 in. thickness increases resistance to bending
  • Bi-Metal construction lasts 10 times longer than HCS blades
  • For making demolition cuts without the blade bending in metal, pipe, channel and angle iron

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