Kohler 25 357 72-S PRO SAE 10W-50 Extended Life Synthetic Engine Oil

25 357 72-S
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Kohler Pro 300 hour, extended life synthetic oil provides unmatched protection for mowers equipped with Kohler engines. This 10w-50 fully-synthetic oil has a 3x longer life extending oil changes while providing ideal engine protection in all-seasons and all-temperatures. Recommended to use with Kohler PRO Extended Life Oil Filter 25 050 53-S (Sold Separately)


  • 3X longer oil change interval
  • Engineered by Amsoil exclusively for Kohler
  • Full synthetic oil formulated specifically for extended oil change intervals in Kohler air-cooled engines
  • Guaranteed 300-hour oil change interval on most KOHLER gas engines past, present and future
  • Extra corrosion inhibitor for seasonal storage and multi-season use

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