Husqvarna Powerbox 455 Rancher 460 Chainsaw Carrying Case with 24" Scabbard

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Transport your chainsaw safely and conveniently with Husqvarna's PowerBox carrying case. An exclusive "Husky leash" makes it quick and easy to secure your chainsaw and keep it protected. The PowerBox comes standard with a detachable 18" to 24" scabbard, a user favorite, and is stackable for compact storage. The Husqvarna Powerbox Carrying Case has a tool chest design, is stackable, comes with a 24" scabbard, has a leash to stabilize smaller saws, has replaceable handles and latches, and a heavy duty 'piano hinge. The case is designed to hold, but does not include: 1 quart bar & chain oil, 6.4 oz. 2 cycle oil, file handle with flat file, file handle with round file, scrench, spark Plug, combination file guide, logger's filing vise, and an operator's manual.


  • Includes 20" and 24" Scabbard

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