Gator Mulcher 3-in-1 Blade 96-615 to Replace the 180054, 173920 Blade Used on 48" Decks, Craftsman, Poulan Pro, Husqvarna.

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Product DescriptionOregon Gator Mulcher 3-N-1 96-615 is your go-to lawn mower blade in all conditions including wet, dry, and sandy turf. Gator blades offer superior mulching, fewer bag stops, and cleaner side discharge than the standard manufacturer blade. It?s not a replacement blade. It?s an upgrade. Fits many mower models, including the following: Ariens 936098, Ariens 936067, Ariens 936058. Replaces many models, including but not limited to the following: Sunbelt B1PD1074, Stens 302-408, Poulan 575938301, Poulan 575938201, Poulan 539107519, Poulan 532180054, Poulan 532173921, Murray 180054, Husqvarna 954633774, Husqvarna 917577000000, Husqvarna 917539000000, Husqvarna 917532000000, Husqvarna 917532000000, Husqvarna 917173920, Husqvarna 577146201, Husqvarna 575938301, Husqvarna 575938201, Husqvarna 539107519, Husqvarna 532180054, Husqvarna 532173920, Husqvarna 512258301, Husqvarna 180054, Husqvarna 173920, Dixon 532180054, Craftsman 180054, Craftsman 173920, Craftsman 173921, AYP 954633781, AYP 954633774, AYP 917577000000, AYP 917539000000, AYP 917532000000, AYP 917532000000, AYP 917532000000, AYP 917173920, AYP 575938201, AYP 575938301, AYP 539107519, AYP 532180054, AYP 532173921, AYP 532173920, AYP 512258301, AYP 180054, AYP 173921, AYP 173920, Ariens 21547939, Ariens 21547257.From the ManufacturerOregon is a world leader in mower blade manufacturing. Our patented Gator Mulcher 3-N-1 blades redirect the airflow allowing the grass clippings to be cut into small pieces. They will allow mowers not equipped with a mulching blade to reduce the volume of blade clippings and will reduce your fall leaf cleanup time. Unlike most mulching blades, they will allow you to bag your clipping and leaves, but because the pieces you will stop less often. Blades are made to a 26 point quality checklist that insures our blades meet exacting standards and give you a great looking lawn. We offer blades to fit many brands of walk behind and riding mowers.


  • Genuine Gator blade, 20% harder steel for extended blade life.
  • 16-5/8" Long, 2.5" Wide, 5 Point Star mounting hole

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