DEWALT Spade Drill Bit Extension, 12-Inch (DW1589)

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Product DescriptionFeaturing a heavy-duty, full-length, heat-treated shank for protection against bends and breaks, DEWALT Spade Bits are equipped with high-performance cutting spurs for optimum hole finish. An Extreme Speed Channel of the drill bit provides fast chip removal, and a 1/4-inch ball groove shank offer quick-change applications. A 1/4-inch hex shank helps to prevent slippage, and a hang hole enables easy storage and wire pulling.From the ManufacturerDEWALT DW1589 12-Inch Extension for DEWALT Spade Drill Bits


  • Heavy-duty full length heat treat shank provides maximum durability of the drill bit against bending and breaking.
  • Cutting spurs provide optimum hole finish.
  • 1/4-inch Hex shank prevents slipping and fits all 1/4-inch quick change systems.
  • Hang hole allows for bit storage and wire pulling.

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