DEWALT DW1909 9/64-Inch Gold Ferrous Oxide Split Point Twist Drill Bit

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Product DescriptionThe product is 9/64"Split PT Drill Bit. Easy to use. The product is manufactured in China.From the ManufacturerDeWalt has the first industrial drill bit specially designed to maximize the performance of your drill. DeWalt's Split Point drill bits are designed to solve the common problems professionals encounter when drilling with portable drills into metal and wood: walking, spinning and breaking. The patented Split Point tip, (sizes 1/8-inch and over), prevents the bit form walking across the workpiece, while providing a clean, round hole. The No Spin shank, (sizes 3/16-inch and over), overcomes the professional's #1 frustration with keyless chucks, bits spinning in the chucks. And, with the patented tapered web, breaking is a thing of the past. DeWalt Split Point, flat out better. Satisfaction guaranteed.


  • The product is 9/64"Split PT Drill Bit
  • Easy to use
  • The product is manufactured in China
  • Split point tip starts on contact for clean, accurate holes and reduces lock-up on breakthrough
  • Split point tip reduces lock-up on break-through
  • Tapered web provides greater durability to reduce breaking
  • No spin shank eliminates the frustration of bit spinning in chuck
  • Note: Sizes 1/16-inch to 11/64-inch are split point drill bits; Std jobber length fractional sizes

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