Briggs & Stratton(2 Pack) -2pk

Briggs & Stratton(2 Pack) -2pk

496018s x2
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Includes (2) 496018S Spark Plugs. New, Bulk Packed. Genuine OEM replacement part. Consult owners manual for proper part number identification and proper installation. Compatible with: Briggs and Stratton : 93400 Series (0010-1286) Engine, 19E400 Series (0069-1168) Engine, 19F400 Series (0043-1137) Engine, 19G400 Series (0068-1196) Engine, 19A400 Series Engine, 19B400 Series Engine, 19C400 Series Engine, 9K400 Series Engine, 1149-0 Portable Generator, 19G437-1190-E1 Engine, 294440-0414-01 Engine, 294440-0478-01 Engine, 294440-1114-A1 Engine, 294440-1178-A1 Engine, 294447-1155-A1 Engine, 294447-1155-E1 Engine, 294777-0414-01 Engine, 295447-0142-E1 Engine, 295447-0159-G1 Engine, 295447-0159-G2 Engine, 297440-0153-G1 Engine, 297440-0153-G2 Engine, 297447-0159-G1 Engine, 297447-0159-G2 Engine, 295440-0153-G1 Engine, 295440-0153-G2 Engine, 303447-0411-01 Engine, 303447-0451-01 Engine, 303447-0452-01 Engine, 303447-0456-01 Engine, 303447-0479-01 Engine, 303447-0480-01 Engine, 303447-0482-01 Engine, 303447-0483-01 Engine, 305440-0218-E1 Engine, 305440-0218-G1 Engine, 305440-0252-G1 Engine, 305440-0252-G2 Engine, 305440-0328-G1 Engine, 305440-2218-G1 Engine, 305440-3052-G1 Engine, 305447-0007-G1 Engine, 305447-0110-E1 Engine, 305447-0110-E2 Engine, 305447-0119-E1 Engine, 305447-0119-G1 Engine, 305447-0142-E1 Engine, 305447-0178-E1 Engine, 305447-0178-G1 Engine, 305447-0285-G1 Engine, 305447-0285-G2 Engine, 305447-0293-G1 Engine, 305447-0293-G2 Engine, 305447-0322-G1 Engine, 09K432-0022-01 Engine, 09K432-0023-01 Engine, 09K432-0024-01 Engine, 09K432-0115-01 Engine, 09K432-0116-01 Engine, 09K432-0116-02 Engine, 09K432-0117-01 Engine, 09K432-0118-01 Engine, 350447-0010-02 Engine, 350447-0115-01 Engine, 20801B (4900001-4999999)(1994) Lawn Mower, 20801BC (4900001-4999999)(1994) Lawn Mower, 71253 (310000001-310999999)(2010) Lawn Tractor, 350447-0163-01 Engine: 350447-1010-A2 Engine, 350447-1010-E2 Engine, 350447-1115-A1 Engine, 350447-1116-E1 Engine, 350447-1116-E2 Engine, 350447


  • Includes (2) 496018S Spark Plugs
  • New, Bulk Packed
  • Genuine Briggs and Stratton Replacement Part
  • Consult owners manual for proper part number identification and proper installation
  • Please refer to list for compatibility

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