Briggs & Stratton 491055S - 2 Pack

491055S x 2
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Brand New (2) Pack of Genuine Briggs & Stratton Spark Plugs... Sold Loose as Pictured, Pulled from Bulk Pack... We are an Authorized Briggs & Stratton Dealer... (2) pack of Spark Plugs Genuine Briggs & Stratton Part # 491055 Champion Part # RC12YC The electrodes on a spark plug must be clean and sharp to produce the powerful spark required for ignition The more worn or dirty a spark plug, the more voltage - and the greater the tug on the rewind - required to produce an adequate spark Briggs & Stratton spark plug resists fouling/corrosion providing easy starting and improved engine performance Set spark plug gap according to operator?s manual. Genuine Briggs & Stratton Part

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