Briggs and Stratton/ Ferris Mower 1686734SM Ignition Switch

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Ferris Ignition Switch Part Number: 5020927 Substitutes/Replacement for: 430-770 This Part is known to be Compatible with the following vehicles:Polaris Magnum 325: 2000-2002Polaris Magnum 330: 2003-2005Polaris Magnum 425: 1998Polaris Magnum 500: 2002Polaris Scrambler 400: 2000-2002Polaris Scrambler 500: 2001-2002Polaris Sport 400: 1997-1999Polaris Sport 400L: 1997-1998Polaris Sportsman 400: 2014Polaris Sportsman ETX: 2015Polaris Trail-Blazer 250: 1997-2005Polaris Trail-Blazer 400: 2003Polaris Trail-Boss 325: 2000-2002Polaris Trail-Boss 330: 2003-2005Polaris Xpress 300: 1998-1999


  • Genuine Ferris Product, Part Number: 5020927
  • Fits: Ferris DDSKAV23, H2220B, H223K, HC36KAV13E, IS3100ZBV36, IS3100ZBV3661, IS2000ZB3061, CCWKAV1536, CCWKAV1536RDCE, CCWKAV1536CE, HC32KAV15ECE, HC32RDKAV15ECE, HC36KAV15E Zero-Turn Mowers
  • Fits: Ferris CCWKAV2148, CCWKAV2452, IS1500ZXKAV2452, IS1500ZXKAV3261, IS2000ZBV3261, SI1500ZB2648, IS1500ZB2852, IS3100ZBV3261, IS1500ZKAV2252, IS1500ZKAV2048, IS1500ZKAV2044, IS2000ZKAV2661,
  • Fits: Ferris EVKAV1936CE, EVKAV2252, H2226KAVFS, HC32KV16E, CCWKAV2652, CCWKAV261, CCWKAV, IS4000Z, PCZ22K, PCZ25K, IS600Z, IS700Z, IS2000Z, F125XT Zero-Turn Mowers

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