BOSTITCH PREMOIL-4OZ Premium Pneumatic Tool Oil

BOSTITCH PREMOIL-4OZ Premium Pneumatic Tool Oil

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BOSTITCH PREMOIL-4oz Premium Pneumatic Tool Oil: This oil is specially formulated for use in pneumatic tools at atmosphere or higher working temperatures. It's blended using a premium grad turbine oil formulated for height speed and temperature applications. It contains rust and oxidation inhibitors to prevent degradation of tool components. It has anti-wear additives specifically formulated for cylinder type applications. Apply 1 drop of lubricant per day to extend the life of your pneumatic tool. Compatible with most pneumatic tools with reciprocating piston-type air compressors, including pneumatic nailers and staplers.


  • The product is 4oz tool lubricant
  • Easy to use
  • The product is manufactured in China
  • Lubricates pneumatic tool components to help keep them operating at optimal levels
  • 30-weight, industrial-strength non-detergent solution
  • All-weather design allows use in a variety of climate conditions

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