25' Milwaukee Magnetic Wide Blade Tape Measure

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The MILWAUKEE 25ft Wide Blade Magnetic Tape Measures have the longest, straightest standout and up to 17' of reach to take long measurements. The straightest standout makes it easier to measure long distances alone by reducing blade arc. A magnetic hook easily attaches to EMT and steel studs. The tape measures are wear and impact-resistant with nylon bond blade protection and an additional coating on the first 6? of the blade, reducing tape tear. The measuring tapes are constructed with a 5-point reinforced frame for impact resistance.


  • Up to 17 ft of reach
  • Longest reach, straightest standout
  • Magnetic hook holds to EMT & steel studs
  • Anti-tear coating reinforces the first 6 in of the tape blade
  • Nylon bond blade protection reduces tape tear
  • Impact-resistant five-point reinforced frame
  • Finger stop delivers tape retraction control
  • Two-sided printing for easy reading
  • Wire form belt clip reduces pocket tearingale

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