WORX WA3575 20V PowerShare 2.0 Ah Replacement Battery, Orange and Black

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You can run your entire Worx Power Share collection of tools on this one 20V 2.0 Ah Max Lithium-Ion Battery. String trimmers and impact drivers, circular saws and lawnmowers, Hydroshots and leaf blowers, the list goes on and on. These batteries are lighter, which makes the tool lighter, and more efficient, than rechargeable batteries based on older designs. Max L-ion batteries don?t wane or drain, and won?t suffer from the memory effect that prevented last generation?s batteries from fully charging as they got older. Plus, they just last longer, so they?ll save you money. You can buy less of them because you can share each one between multiple tools. Cordless tools are much more cost-effective than gas, and you won?t have to worry about getting snagged on a cord. 40V Power Share tools run on this battery too, you just need two of them (20V + 20V = 40V). They provide gas-like power and performance without all the drawbacks of gasoline: no fumes, no mess, no paying at the pump. Depending on the task, and the tool, these batteries will have different runtimes, but a good rule of thumb is that one 20V 2.0 Ah battery will provide enough charge to power our Worx GT String Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower through an average ¼ acre lawn. This battery is compatible with the following chargers (not included): WA3742, WA3868 quick charger, WA3875 dual-port charger, WA3878 quick dual-port charger.


  • [A POWERFUL BATTERY] 2.0Ah MaxLithium tech gives your power or garden tools the juice they need to get the job done. Designed to last long and be recharged over and over
  • [CHARGES QUICKLY] You can leave it on the standard charger for 5 hours to get a full charge. Or, get our fast charger and be back in the game in about an hour
  • [DO IT ALL WITH THE SAME BATTERY] Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products
  • [LIGHTER, EFFICIENT] MaxLithium batteries are lightweight, economical, and charge with no memory effect. That means they have a longer life and cost less in the long run
  • [LIFE INDICATOR] The battery-check system lets you know how much life your battery has left on the charge, so you know when you’ll need to switch out or recharge
  • [MULTIPLE WORX CHARGERS] Suggested for use with WA3742 20-Volt Lithium charger, or WA3868 20-Volt Lithium quick charger, or, consider a dual-port charger like WA3875 or a dual-port quick charger like WA3878

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