WORX WA0190, Fits Series Landroid Replacement Cutting, 12 Piece Blade Kit with Screws, F, Silver/Gray

WORX WA0190, Fits Series Landroid Replacement Cutting, 12 Piece Blade Kit with Screws, F, Silver/Gray

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When you?re doing yard work, there?s nothing better than a new or sharpened blade. This 12-pack of 1? Landroid replacement blades and screws from WORX keeps your robot lawn mower in tip-top shape, and your lawn looking its best. The nicest part about this pack is that the blades are double-sided, so when one side gets dull, you don?t have to toss it, you can just flip it, doubling the life of these blades. A good rule of thumb is that if Landroid is programmed to mow every day, you should change or flip your blades once a month. That can change based on a number of factors like the weather or the moisture on the ground, but you?ll notice when your lawn is looking a little shaggier than normal and its time to change blades. The good news is that switching them out is easy, so you can get back to your hammock in no time. And we even threw in extra screws, because we know how easy it is to loose screws in the grass. And finally, make sure you?re getting the right set for your Landroid, this pack fits the WG794 model. The Landroid is the biggest change to lawncare since, well, ever. Keep yours sharp and smooth with this 12-piece 1? blade replacement kit.


  • [KEEP LANDROID SHARP] Your robotic lawnmower is a premium device. Make sure it’s working at an optimum level with these 12 replacement blades (fits the WG794 Landroid)
  • [2-SIDED BLADES] When one side gets dull, just flip them around and use the other side. This 12-pack is more like a 24-pack that way
  • [EASY INSTALL] Take out the battery and put on some gloves for safety, flip Landroid over, unscrew the old blade and switch it out with the new one and screw it back in
  • [EXTRA BLADES] And extra screws. Landroid only uses 3 blades at a time, and with two cutting edges, a 12-pack will last for a while
  • [DO IT YOURSELF. DO IT BETTER. DO IT WITH WORX.] WORX tools are engineered with cutting-edge technology, and above modern efficiency standards, so you can build a cost-effective tool collection that’s been designed to last

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