Stens 3 Pack Inline Fuel Shutoff for Briggs & Stratton 494769 # 120-228-3PK

120-228 x 3
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Includes (3) 120-228 Shut-Off Valves. New, Bulk Packed. Genuine OEM replacement part. Consult owners manual for proper part number identification and proper installation. Compatible with: Briggs and Stratton 19K400 Engine, 93400 Engine, 9K400 Engine, 9880-1 Generator, 5366-2 Generator, 9897-1, 9897-0, 0485-0, 0401-0, 0485-1, 0503-0, 0503-1, 0602-0, 0603-0, 0640-0, 0765-0, 0765-1, 1043-0, 1043-2, 1044-0, 1044-1, 1173-0, 1173-1, 1210-0, 1293-0, 1293-1, 09K432-0022-01 Engine, 09K432-0023-01 Engine, 09K432-0024-01 Engine, 09K432-0115-01 Engine, 09K432-0116-01 Engine, 09K432-0116-02 Engine, 09K432-0117-01 Engine, 09K432-0118-01 Engine, 12E702-0729-01 Engine, 12E702-2606-01 Engine, 12E702-2607-01 Engine, 12E702-2615-01 Engine, 12E702-2616-01 Engine, 12E702-2618-01 Engine, 12E702-2625-01 Engine, 12E707-0626-01 Engine, 12E707-0643-99 Engine, 12E707-0696-99 Engine, 12E707-0697-99 Engine, 12E707-0699-01 Engine, 12E782-0632-01 Engine, 12E782-0665-01 Engine, 12E782-0667-01 Engine, 12E782-0679-01 Engine, 12E782-0688-01 Engine, 12E782-0703-99 Engine, 12E782-0705-01 Engine, 12E782-0705-02 Engine, 12E782-0708-99 Engine, 12E782-0709-99 Engine, 12E782-0711-01 Engine, 12E787-0704-99 Engine, 12E787-0710-99 Engine, 12E702-0600-01 Engine, 12E702-0608-01 Engine, 12E702-0610-99 Engine, 12E702-0611-01 Engine, 12E702-0624-01 Engine, 12E702-0625-01 Engine, 12E702-0627-99 Engine, 12E702-0630-99 Engine, 12E702-0631-01 Engine, 12E702-0644-99 Engine, 12E702-0645-99 Engine, 12E702-0648-99 Engine, 12E702-0649-99 Engine, 12E702-0650-99 Engine, 12E702-0651-01 Engine, 12E702-0664-01 Engine, 12E702-0668-01 Engine, 12E702-0671-99 Engine, 12E702-0682-01 Engine, 12E702-0683-01 Engine, 12E702-0687-99 Engine, 12E702-0690-01 Engine, 12E702-0691-99 Engine, 12E702-0692-01 Engine, 12E702-0693-01 Engine, 12E702-0694-99 Engine, 12E702-0695-99 Engine, 12E702-0698-99 Engine, 12E702-0700-01 Engine, 12E702-0701-99 Engine, 12E702-0702-99 Engine, 12E702-0707-01 Engine, 12E702-0712-01 Engine, 12E702-0713-02 Engine, 12E


  • Includes (3) 120-228 Shut-off Valves.
  • New, Bulk Packed.
  • Genuine Stens Replacement Part.
  • Consult owners manual for proper part number identification and proper installation.
  • Please refer to list for compatibility.

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