Opti-2 20612 6-Pack 1.8 Ounce Enviro Formula 2-Cycle Engine Lubricant Smokeless EGD

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6-pack protective tube containing 6 1-gallon mix pouches (each pouch mixes with 1-gallon of gasoline). It is re-sealable and re-usable protective tube is great for carrying in toolboxes & chain saw cases. Opti-2 delivers all these features while being the most environmentally friendly two-cycle mix oil available. Opti-2's smoke reduction, and gasohol compatibility contribute to cleaner air, while up to 60% less oil is required, which helps conserve a precious non-renewable resource.


  • One mix for all 2-cycle engines
  • 1.8 Ounce Pouch
  • Reduced smoke and fumes
  • Lower operating temperatures
  • Reduced break-in period

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