Milwaukee 48-22-3402 Torque Lock Curved Jaw Locking Pliers Set (2 Pieces)

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:If you?re working in plumbing, construction, or carpentry, you need the most heavy duty pliers possible. End your search with the Milwaukee 48-22-3402 pliers. This twin set of 7 and 10 inch torque lock pliers will help you wrench fasteners, keep wood stabilized while you apply glue, and any other variety of applications on the jobsite. They come equipped with a variety of features that help you get your work done right. For one, they have a rubberized overmold lining their ergonomic handles. This allows you to maintain maximum control, even when working in slippery conditions. Even more assistance is afforded to you with the torque locking technology. A screw on the back lets you keep these pliers shut to your chosen level. This screw can be closed to its absolute maximum with the help of the thumb hole. Insert a screwdriver or other thin rod through it and use it for extra leverage. Couple that with the strong locking jaws with a ribbed surface for maximum friction, and you?re working with a powerful piece of equipment. With strength and utility like this, it?s no wonder it?s Milwaukee.


  • Exclusive torque lock design
  • Curved, jaw locking pliers set
  • Torque lock for faster setup & easy release

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