Milwaukee 48-22-1501 Fastback Folding Utility Knife with Wire Stripper, Gut Hook, and Quick Blade Change

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Wherever you go, be it on the job, at home, on the street, or on an outdoor adventure, a utility knife is a lightweight, practical addition to your tool kit. The Milwaukee 48-22-1501 Fastback Utility Knife does many common jobs with ease. Its ergonomic design allows comfortable grip. You can strip wires with the onboard wirestripping tool which works up to the 12 gauge size. You can cut finer materials like string or twine without having to open the blade thanks to the guthook. An on board tape measure blade holder is also featured. Use this to grab the end of a tape measure and score simultaneously. Once your blade has worn down after cutting open boxes, slicing twine, or aiding around the office, you can replace it in a pinch! Simply press down, pull the old blade out, and slide a new blade in without a problem! This knife even has a hole for attaching to lanyards or a wire clip that you can attach to your belt or other articles of clothing so the knife stays on your person. Milwaukee has mastered the art of optimizing utility in the simplest of tools. Take advantage of their constantly innovative design by picking up the 48-22-1501 Fastback knife.


  • OPEN QUICKLY: Press the button on the knife of the body and use momentum to open this knife
  • WIRE CLIP: You can keep this tool on your person so you can have it readily available on your belt or on your clothing wherever you go
  • TAPE MEASURE BLADE HOLDER: A notch near the blade of this tool will allow you to grabe and pull the end of a tape measure. This will allow you to measure and score simultaneously
  • WIRE STRIPPING CAPABILITIES: There is a separate wirestripping compartment that lets you strip up to 12 gauge wire
  • GUT HOOK: You can use this blade even when it’s fully closed with the gut hook compartment built into the handle

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