Lucas Oil 10082 SAE 5W-20 Synthetic Racing Oil - 1 Quart Bottle

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Product DescriptionMotor Oil, Synthetic High Performance Motor Oil, Synthetic 5W20, Case of 6, Quart Size Bottles Through creativity, productivity and innovation - this brand continues to develop the finest automotive accessories.Motor oil is made from crude oil and is used to lubricate, clean, and cool engines. Types of motor oil include conventional, synthetic, diesel, bio-based, hybrid (blends of conventional and synthetic), and recycled oils. Motor oil varies in weight and viscosity, as well as additives that some manufacturers add to the oil during the refining process. A numerical code system created by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) grades motor oils according to viscosity--the higher the number between 0 and 60, the more viscous (thicker) the oil is. Most consumer motor oils are graded by two numbers, with the first number indicating cold weather (Winter or "W") performance.SAE 5W-20This oil has a weight of SAE 5W-20, meaning it has an SAE viscosity rating of 5 in cold temperatures and a rating of 20 at normal operating temperature. Always check your vehicle's owner's manual to verify that this is the correct weight of motor oil for your vehicle.Full Synthetic OilThis oil is a full synthetic oil, meaning crude oil is not used in making it. Synthetic oil can be used in vehicle engines instead of motor oils refined from crude oil, and often provides superior mechanical performance over traditional motor oil, including increased gas mileage and reduced engine wear at extreme temperatures. Its complex method of production means it can often cost more than conventional motor oil.


  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific
  • Consistent viscosity oil
  • Perfect oil for high RPM engines
  • Package Dimensions: 15.494 H x 6.35 L x 10.921 W (centimetres)

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