Generac G0071260 2" Chemical Water Pump, Orange, Gray, Black

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Thanks to a durable 7/8-inch frame and the power of Generac?s 223 cc OHV engine, the C20 chemical pump is able to provide a maximum flow rate of 164 gallons per minute and over 150 feet of head lift in some of the harshest weather environments. Boasting carbon ceramic seals, the C20?s fiberglass reinforced pump housing, volute and 5-vane impeller allow this powerful solution to safely handle corrosive fertilizer and pesticides. The C20 is also easy to use, as it features on-board instructions and key touchpoint icons in addition to a low-oil shutdown and Easy Prime funnel design. From irrigating farmlands to providing rural flood relief, Generac?s C20 chemical pump provides sturdy and reliable pumping power on any terrain in nearly any climate.


  • Durable design featuring reinforced fiberglass pump ideal for clean water, chemical, herbicide, pesticide and fertilizer transfer
  • Generac 223cc engine with splash lubrication provides a long engine life
  • Onboard instructions with icons on key touch points makes this pump easy to use
  • Easy Prime funnel design for quick and easy priming

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